My Health for Life


The first thing to know about My health for life is that it’s different to traditional weight loss or gym-style programs.

We’ve taken a fresh approach to helping people make healthy choices. Maybe yours is finding the motivation and support to get going, while for someone else it’s weight loss or finding a physical activity they enjoy. Sometimes it is just about finding the right headspace to keep on track when life gets in the way.

We work with you to identify your barriers to healthy change and help you take manageable steps to get past them. We show you how to set realistic goals and an action plan for success – and we support you throughout your journey to get your health on track. The program is delivered in your local area by qualified health professionals.

The great thing about My health for life is that it is personalised to suit your needs – and it’s free!

To check your eligibily, please answer some quick questions by accessing this form:

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