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WITH a myriad of weight loss products available to everyone, it’s no wonder the majority of us can get overwhelmed and confused with what is ‘right’ and ‘good’ for the body.

Driven by the notion to create clarity in all the confusion, dietitian Chris Hughes has written The Tweaking Diet.

The book is designed to give people the knowledge and skills to modify their own diet and lifestyle, without feeling like they have to starve themselves to lose weight.

Any diet approach will work in the short term, but if it’s not sustainable.

Whatever diet approach you choose, you need to ask yourself, is it something I can do for the rest of my life? The Tweaking Diet gives the skills to both lose weight and understand how to consume the foods you love eating.

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Tweaking Your Beliefs
This chapter will have you thinking about the potential causes of weight gain, and what is at the root cause of weight gain for so many people.
Tweaking Your Goals
This chapter is designed to give you some direction and have you planning your weight loss journey.
Tweaking Your Sleep
Sleep is an often underestimated contributor to gaining excess weight. This chapter will describe the physiological impact your sleep patterns may be having on your weight.
Tweaking Your Happetite
So many of us think that losing weight is all about self discipline; think again! This chapter will highlight how having an understanding of the hormonal response to food, can assist you in making suitable food choices.
Tweaking Your Energy
An integral part of weight loss is learning the fundamental concepts of nutrition. This chapter helps describe the tricks of the food industry, and strategies to easily understand what to eat. Importantly, this chapter teaches you how to put the food together that you regularly eat, giving lifelong skills to help achieve sustained weight loss.
Tweaking Your Environment
Do we really choose what we eat, or is the decision often made for us? This chapter explains how your environment is the single biggest influence on your current diet.
Tweaking Your Plate
Tweaking your plate describes the how to reduce the plate size without the sense of starvation.
Tweaking Your Genes
Our weight is influenced by our genes. This chapter explains how to overcome what you may have thought was your genetic destiny.
Tweaking Your Movement
You don’t have to run a marathon (unless you want ot of course), however moving in the slightest of ways can have a profound impact on your way. Tweaking you movement highlights real life case studies.
Tweaking Your Habits
So many of us can lose weight in the short term. Suistained weight loss is not achieved without habit formation. Learn the science behind the formation of habits.
Tweaking Your Gut
Until recently, the thought of our gut bacteria being responsible for our current weight seemed unthinkable. Learn how your gut may be contributing to your weight.
Top Tweaks
This chapter is practical tweaks summarised as tips for you to adopt. There are meal ideas that show you how to tweak some common meals.

Normally $34.95 – Pre-0rder it now for $24.95 including shipping anywhere in Australia.